Changing the way Canadians
think about Private Equity

Dundee Private Equity aims to change how Canadians think about and access private equity investments through an innovative, three-pronged approach.

Dundee Acquisition

Middle-market private equity strategy targeting the underserved $200-$800 million enterprise value market place with a focus on lower risk transactions.

  • First Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) ever in Canada
  • Proactively worked with the TSX and OSC for over a year to alter applicable listing rules
  • Able to invest in any sector but have a bias towards lower-risk real assets
  • Complementary to our private equity funds
  • Dundee Private Equity team’s middle-market strategy going forward
  • Dundee Acquisition recently announced a proposed merger and series of acquisitions to create Canadian Student Living Group Inc.
  • Smaller funds with unique and targeted strategies
  • Focus on risk/reward imbalance opportunities with the goal of delivering attractive returns relative to the underlying risk
  • Design based on investor feedback with aim to minimize or eliminate structural and market concerns
  • Employing a true “partnership” approach with limited partners

Specialized Private Equity Funds

Unique "right-sized" private equity strategies that address Canadian investor needs and concerns.

Public Structured Products

Long-term strategy of bringing alternative investments to the public market - providing world class quality and daily liquidity to all investors.

  • Long-term goal of democratizing alternative investments by providing access for small and mid-sized investors
  • Plan to launch a series of publicly traded alternative investment vehicles
  • Seek to provide non-market correlated return opportunities to Canadian investors
  • Unique offerings that deliver solutions to investors that make sense



Unique-to-Canada strategies that build on Dundee’s long history of innovation

Long Term

Long term partnership approach between GP and LPs and fee structures aligned with that commitment


Focus on minimizing the limitations of traditional private equity by increasing liquidity and reducing j-curve risk

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