Dundee’s approach is unique and is based on investor feedback with the objective of creating long-term partnerships:

  • Create unique investment funds that Canadian investors have not had the opportunity to invest in previously
  • Deploy capital into unique risk / reward imbalance opportunities to generate outsized returns relative to the underlying risk profile
  • Do not get caught-up in the 20% IRR / one-size-fits all world of traditional private equity because relative return matters more than absolute return
  • Minimize or eliminate investors’ concerns about private equity. Smaller funds with very specific and unique strategies are the cornerstone of Dundee’s private equity strategy, which helps:
    • Alter and minimize the blind pool risk
    • Lower the j-curve risk by ‘right-sizing’ the fund and focusing on quick capital deployment
    • Simplify valuation discussions with single asset class approach
    • Eliminate competition and return pressure through focus and ‘right-sizing’ the offering relative to the scale and timing of the opportunity
    • Focus investing strategies and ensure control over market correlation risk
    • Develop structures that provide liquidity where generally not available today

All of Dundee’s private equity offerings are being held to a very high standard of transparency, valuation simplicity and “fees that make sense” approach. The approach creates a ‘partnership’ between Limited Partners and the General Partner.

We understand that not all of our small and unique funds will appeal to every investor – investors will either want a fund or not. We know that every investor is different and has varying needs and investment interests. We hope to deliver unique high quality products that appeal to particular investors and delivers on our goal of outsize returns relative to the underlying risk.

Dundee Spark Land Lease Partners, L.P.

DUNDEE SPARK Land Lease Partners, L.P. is a unique Canadian private equity fund targeting the effective purchase of rights related to land leases or easement contracts on land that allows essential long-term contracted infrastructure assets to operate. The Fund will seek to aggressively build a portfolio of valuable inflation-protected real property-related interests at attractive valuations.

Investment Strategy Highlights:

  • Little to no market correlation
  • Focused on a unique, inflation-protected asset class with regulated tenants
  • Long-term contractual revenue stream that is inflation-protected and offers multiple attractive exit opportunities
  • Likelihood of near term competition is limited because of the substantial day-to-day sales and management effort required to accumulate a sizable portfolio of assets
  • Partnered with Spark Power to manage boots-on-the-ground campaign to aggregate high-quality assets
  • Limited to no competition acquiring easements in market today